Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an in-house class?

An in-house class is a class conducted at your premise or you may choose to have the class at our premise with additional charges. You may choose the dates to conduct the class, subject to availability of trainers and equipment. All participants will be from your organisation(s).

2. What is a public class?

A public class is a class conducted at our premise on dates fixed by us. Participants may vary in number and come from several organisations.

3. I am looking for a first aid class but I do not know which course to choose

If you would like to learn first aid, you may choose between the 1-day Awareness of First Aid or 2-day First Aid at Workplace course. The 1-day course covers Primary Survey and actions during emergencies where life-threatening conditions occur. However, the course only awards Certificate of Attendance. If you would like to be certified as a first aider, the 2-day course covers all basic first aid topics which also comes with assessments. Candidates who passed will be awarded a Certificate of Competency.

4. Can you shorten the 2-day First Aid at Workplace course to only 1 day?

The 2-day First Aid at Workplace course is compliant with DOSH requirements and standards in workplace first aid. Most participants who completed our 2-day course feel that the course should be stretched to 3 days and in most overseas countries, the course goes up to 4 days in duration. SJAM is imparting lifesaving skills and as a professional certification body, we do not compromise the quality of training by reducing the duration of the course.

5. Can I take the course online?

Occasionally, we do Facebook Live during our classes. You may learn some first aid skills through our Facebook. However, we do not conduct our classes online yet. First aid is still a practical skill which is more effectively delivered in a face-to-face training with hands-on experience.

6. Are your courses claimable under the Human Resource Development Corporation funds?

Yes, all our courses, except for the 2-hour CPR+AED course, are claimable under the SBL scheme. You will need to confirm a class with us before we issue an invoice which will usually be sent together with all relevant HRDC documents. Once you apply for HRDC grants and approved, you will need to make a payment to us first. We will then issue a receipt. After the course is conducted, you may upload the receipt to HRDC system to claim back the amount paid.

7. What is the lead time to book a class with SJAM?

All class bookings are subject to the availability of trainers, equipment and seats. Booking should be done at a minimum of three weeks prior to the dates of the course. Do inquire for availability of classes on short notice.