Learn First Aid Blog HSBC Amanah volunteers to learn first aid

HSBC Amanah volunteers to learn first aid

Trainer Chew Hoong Ling rewards three participants who scored 100% in CPR compressions, including HSBC Amanah’s CEO Raja Amir Shah

It all started when the CEO of HSBC Amanah wanted to learn first aid to save lives. Then when the opportunity arises, about 28 other participants volunteered to learn first aid in the 2-day certification course.

Participants learnt basic occupational first aid, CPR, usage of AED, how to help someone who is choking and enthusiastically asked many questions which overwhelmed 4 SJAM First Aid trainers.

The 2-day course was spread over 2 weeks. Coincidentally, a fainting case happened at HSBC just a day before the Day 2 of class, prompting case study discussion among participants and trainers.

Raising awareness of first aid among participants, they now know exactly where AEDs are placed at their office and clearly understood how to use it when needed.

Trainers were Indraini Saminathan, Duncan Oh, Chew Hoong Ling and Tom Wong Sin Jie.

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