Learn First Aid Blog Childcare Centre staffs learn lifesaving skills

Childcare Centre staffs learn lifesaving skills

Little Playhouse, a childcare center, sent the first batch of staffs to learn first aid, CPR and AED. Unlike the usual basic occupational first aid course for factories and common workplaces, the course was tweaked towards pediatrics care and basic life support (BLS) for child and infant.

Leading the course was Mdm. Indraini Saminathan, Chief Nursing Officer of St. John Ambulance of Malaysia. Indraini has a degree in nursing with subspecialty in pediatrics. With over 39 years of experience as a nurse, she also spent a decade at the pediatrics trauma department as well as pediatrics wards.

The course includes BLS and medical emergencies for pediatrics. As the course is specifically customized for childcare Centres, only in-house course is available at the moment.

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