Learn First Aid Blog Energetic coaches get a dose of lifesavers skill

Energetic coaches get a dose of lifesavers skill

Coaches from Hankidz left their workplaces and arrived energetically at our National Headquarters where we hosted them for a 3-hour CPR+AED class.

A night with music, energetic approach to character building and ended with a birthday celebration for one of the participants.

30 participants toured the St. John Ambulance of Malaysia National Heritage Gallery where Ms. Chew Hoong Ling briefed the entourage on the history of SJAM.

The course began with a laugh out session full of fun, bringing the through the theory of CPR, urgency of resuscitation and the need for everyone to learn the skill.

A demonstration ensued and every participant got their hands on the manikins for a 2-minute “cardio workout”. Seen exhausted towards the end, the participants raised their energy levels again with music and a birthday song.

They also presented us a fruit basket to end the day with sweetness to the brim.

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