Learn First Aid Blog Playing a role in Sunway University SDG projects

Playing a role in Sunway University SDG projects

As part of their student projects, Sunway University raised funds via multiple workshops. Funds raised were then channeled to projects which they strategically thought for Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the workshops was none other than a CPR+AED course of which 28 participants turned up to learn the essential lifesaving skill.

As a paying forward project, for every first aid course paid by a corporation, St. John Ambulance of Malaysia National Headquarters vowed to conduct a free CPR and AED course for the community.

It is through collaborations with universities like this which will add much more values to our already meaningful and noble project.

If you have a noble cause and we can chip in with a free 2-hour CPR+AED course, call us for a collaboration.

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