Awareness of First Aid

Awareness of First Aid course is suitable for organisations and interested individuals who want to learn the basic principles of first aid. The course covers basic first aid, CPR, introduction of AED and basic bandaging to provide participants with the knowledge and skills in providing assistance to the injured in the case of emergency until proper medical help is attained.

  • 1-day course
  • No assessment
  • Certificate of Attendance

Topics Covered

  • First Aid Priorities
    • What is first aid?
    • Importance of first aid
    • Roles and responsibilities of
    • a first responder
    • Prevention of cross infection
    • Primary Survey
    • Secondary Survey
    • Vital Signs
  • Loss of Consciousness
    • Basic anatomy of nervous system
    • Unconsciousness
    • Level of Consciousness
    • Recovery Position
    • Fainting
  • Respiratory Problems
    • Basic anatomy of respiratory system
    • Causes, signs and symptoms of hypoxia
    • Asthma and Airway obstruction
    • Choking
  • Wounds & Bleeding
    • Composition of Blood
    • Types of wounds​
    • Types of bleeding​
    • Internal bleeding
    • Controlling bleeding
    • General management of wounds
      • minor wound
      • with severe bleeding
      • with embedded foreign body​
      • amputation
      • nose bleeding
      • bruising
  • Shock
    • What is shock?
    • Causes of shock
    • Recognising shock – signs and symptoms
    • Management of hypovolemic shock
  • Dressing and Bandaging
    • Functions and types of dressings and bandages
    • Principles and general rules in applying dressings and bandages
    • Checking circulation
  • Community Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator
    • Urgency of Resuscitation
    • Chain of Survival

Skill Sessions

  • Dressing & Bandaging
    • Simple spiral
    • Figure-of-eight
  • CPR & AED


  • Recovery Position
  • Heimlich Maneuver

Only in-house or on-site training available